Leave your equipment in a safe and convenient place

3 ski depots, 40% discount for customers who rent equipment

The three SportEdy facilities

In Vigo di Fassa and Pozza di Fassa

  • The Vigo di Fassa facility at the top is in Ciampiede, an 80m2 space just below Bellavista Restaurant (5% discount on lunches every day)
  • Storage in Vigo di Fassa valley is a 200m2 space next to the rental shop (at the foot of the escalator leading to the cable car)
  • Storage in Pozza di Fassa is inside our rental shop, 40 spaces in a separate, specially-designed facility.

40% discount on storage (for our customers only)

Ski depot demo and instruction

Sanitization of equipment

For equipment as good as new

We use cutting-edge sanitization technology on rental equipment and merchandise. Ionic Storm Technology, an exclusive system developed by Skibox.

Up to 99% of bacteria is eliminated using negative ion emissions; no need for chemicals.

The sanitizing system is combined with a drying action from a current of pure, warm air to prevent bacteria developing inside sports equipment.

A disinfectant coating for your equipment is also available at the storage facility.

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Use our convenient ski depot service

30% discount on storage for all our customers. You can rent this service directly at our store

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Rent your ski equipment online in Vigo and Pozza di Fassa
 40% DISCOUNT  on storage for all Sport Edy customers