Book your ski rental in Vigo di Fassa or Pozza di Fassa

Are you staying in one of the partner hotels? You have 10% discount

If you are staying in a partner hotel, you can book simply by contacting us or come directly to the shop.

All the customers of the partner hotels have a  10% DISCOUNT, it is not necessary to book through the online booking system!

Partner hotels: Ai Pini, Andes, Antico Bagno, Belvedere, Carpe Diem, Casa Serena, Catinaccio, Ciarnadoi, Corona, Edelweiss, Fontana, Gran Baita, Gran Mugon, La Grotta, Ladinia, Latemar, Majarè, Majon de Sabin, Miramonti, Montana, Olympic, Renato, Rizzi, Rosengarten – Catinaccio Campeggio, Savoy, Sonne-Sole, Vael, Valacia, Vidor Campeggio, Weiss Agritur

Otherwise, book online with a 5% discount

Rent skis, snowboards, boots, helmets directly from your PC, tablet or smartphone, through the online booking system.

You can pay online, you will get an immediate 5% DISCOUNT on the list price. We will be able to prepare the equipment in advance, you just have to go and collect it.

ATTENTION: to book online it is necessary at least 1 week in advance. Otherwise, we are waiting for you directly in rental.

Choose the rental point of your interest (Vigo or Pozza di Fassa) and click “BOOK ONLINE”, you will go to the website where you can complete your reservation. Quick and easy! To be immediately on the track

Book in Vigo di Fassa

In Vigo you’ll find us inside the Funivia Rosengarten cablecar concourse: walk in, hire your gear and go!

Rent your ski equipment online in Vigo di Fassa
 40% DISCOUNT  on storage for all Sport Edy customers

Book in Pozza di Fassa

In Pozza we’re 50 metres in front of the Cabinovia Buffaure cablecars (over the wooden footbridge that crosses Rio San Nicolò)

Rent your ski equipment online in Pozza di Fassa
 40% DISCOUNT  on storage for all Sport Edy customers
Online booking instructions

Click BOOK ONLINE on the rental shop of your interest and complete the following steps on the website

Choose the dates and the equipment
Choose the dates and choose the desired categories of skis, snowboards, boots, accessories .. we will provide you on site the most suitable model based on the chosen category
Enter your personal data
We need for each skier the name, weight, height, shoe size and some few more data, so we can select the most suitable models for you
Pay, collect and go
Make the payment on (with Visa or Masterd card, or Paypal), come to us to collect the material .. and you are already on the slopes!
For any problem, just contact us
NOTE: You can book online only up to 1 week before the withdrawal