Ski preparation for safer, easier skiing

Our consultants are at your service for ski preparation in Vigo and Pozza di Fassa

Top quality ski tuning and care

We take care of your equipment directly, using the best technologies

Thanks to our brand new high-tech Crystal Magic MONTANA robot for ski and snowboard service in the premium segment, we are able to prepare all types of skis and snowboards in an excellent way.

Our types of service::

  • Standard service – Diamond wheel sole grinding, edge sharpening and belt waxing
  • Top service – Sole repair, edge sharpening, sole structure, belt waxing
  • Race grinding (slalom, giant slalom, downhill..) – lower surface repair and tuning, edge grinding, machine waxing
  • Race reparation (slalom, giant slalom, downhill, etc.) – Mirror smoothing, race imprint of your choice, race finish edges, wax.

Other preparations available, definable on site based on request.

First of all, safe and secure on the snow

We have always invested in safety, for us it’s a priority

Sportedy is one of the few rental companies in Italy equipped with the JETBOND ST / SK machine by Montana, an innovative system that allows to adjust the ski bindings within minutes by patented graft.


  • Significant increase in security
  • Both for rental skis and also for our customers’ skis
  • Suitable for all types of skis and most common bindings
  • Accurate calculation of values according to ISO 11088 and ISO 8061
  • Choice of weight-based or tibial-based procedure

Read more on the montana official website or watch the video

Find out more about our professional preparation laboratory

Our brand new Crystal Magic robot from Montana in Vigo di Fassa

Our laboratory in Pozza di Fassa, presented by Stefano

Automated system for adjusting bindings in accordance with ISO standards

Infrared technology for high quantities of service

Bootfitting – Are your boots uncomfortable?

Everything looks perfect: the snow, the sun, the slopes; but…

Has that ever happened to you? It’s a perfect day for skiing, but your boots are not right!

The more technical the boot, the narrower the hull is, and the more consistently rigid it stays, causing problems, protrusions, ankle distortion, etc. that require modification.

Leave it to us!

Our boot-stretching machine can solve all your problems – a personal fitting service tailored to your boots.

Sanitization of equipment

Boots, gloves and helmets… everything good as new!

We always use cutting-edge Ionic Storm Technology for the treatment of rental equipment and merchandise; an exclusive system developed by Skibox.

Up to 99% of bacteria is eliminated using negative ion emissions; no need for chemicals.

The sanitizing system is combined with a drying action that uses a current of pure, warm air to prevent bacteria developing inside sports equipment

All our services

The quality of Rent and Go and Sport Edy at your disposal

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Ski and snowboard tuning with Montana machines
Edge tuning – grinding – waxing
Grinding – repair – lower surface tuning
Ski and boot storage
Combined drying and disinfection
Boot fitting
Computerized binder adjustment to ISO standard
50% of wquipment annually renewed

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