The following conditions are part of the rental contract

  1. The renter assumes full responsibility for rented items.
  2. The equipment is not insured; for an additional payment equivalent to 10% of the rental value and a clause in the contract, the owner/lessor will assume 75% of the cost in the event of theft or damage to the equipment.
  3. Where equipment is stolen or broken beyond repair, the renter will be charged the full market value of replacement.
  4. In the case of theft the renter must file a report with the police authorities.
  5. In the case of theft or loss of the rented equipment under contract the renter must pay an excess charge equivalent to 25% of the market value of the lost or stolen item.
  6. In the case of bad treatment and/or damage to the rented equipment, notwithstanding any regulatory agreement, repairs will be charged to the renter at current repair list prices.
  7. Renters may exchange the equipment during the contractual period for equipment of different categories and values. Where the equipment is of a higher value the renter will pay the excess charge; where the equipment is of a lower value there will be no refund.
  8. For assembly, repair and adjustment of security binders and for the rental of alpine skis, a lease  for acceptance of these rules must be signed, detailing the adjustment to be made to the binders according to information provided by the renter and in accordance with instructions issued by the manufacturer of the binder.
  9. Rental equipment must be paid for up to and including the day of return, if returned after 9am.
  10. In the event that the rented equipment is not returned for any reason as agreed in the lease, the renter will automatically be charged with theft of the equipment on the seventh day following the due return date.
  11. Renters may return equipment before the due date; no refunds will be given.
  12. Refunds will only be made in the event of illness and/or injury on production of a medical certificate.
  13. This rental agreement is only valid following payment by credit card or with a deposit covering the value of the rented equipment and/or submission of ID covering the whole rental period.
  14. Renters/clients are hereby informed that manual or electronic storage of their personal data by the lessor and owner of the rental process will be for the sole purpose of fulfilling current and future contractual requirements as required by law and for the standard maintenance of accounts and client records.
  15. By signing this rental agreement you confirm that you have received and understood the information above and give your consent for your personal data to be used with reference to the purposes mentioned, pursuant to articles 23 and 24 of the Privacy Code, for the processing, transmission and dissemination of personal data by the holder and/or others accountable to the holder.
  16. The total amount is payable at the time this contract is signed. The agreement is not transferable.

Clients are asked to treat the equipment with due care and attention.  Thank you for your custom; we hope you enjoy your stay.