Ski and snowboard hire right by the slopes

Find us at the cable cars in Vigo di Fassa and 50 metres from the cable car in Pozza.
We offer specialist advice for you to choose the right equipment!

Rent your ski equipment online in Vigo and Pozza di Fassa
 40% DISCOUNT  on storage for all Sport Edy customers
Ski tuning for safe, easy skiing. Bindings, skis, boot-fitting and more
FAST: We’re right by the slopes
In Vigo we're inside the cable car concourse, and only 50 metres from the cable car in Pozza!
CONVENIENT: 3 storage facilities
In Vigo, one at the bottom of the slopes and another the top, with a third facility in our shop in Pozza
Book through our online system, save time and money!
Our family ski packages: Rent in Rose and Mondo Bimbo
ACCESSORIES: Gloves, helmets, etc.
Need sunglasses, gloves, helmets, body armour? You've come to the right place

2 hire centres right beside the slopes

Find us in Vigo di Fassa and Pozza di Fassa, beside the cable cars
  • In Vigo di Fassa you’ll find us inside the Funivia Catinaccio cablecar concourse: walk in, hire your gear and go!
  • In Pozza di Fassa we’re 50 metres in front of the Cabinovia Buffaure cablecars (over the wooden footbridge that crosses Rio San Nicolò)

OPEN ALL DAY (from December 20)

5% discount when you rent online

Just fill in your details, tell us when and where you want it, it's quicker!

Rent skis, snowboards, boots and helmets direct from your PC, tablet or smartphone, through our online booking system.

Pay online and get  5% DISCOUNT off the list price. Then simply pick up your equipment at our outlets.

Quick and easy! You can go straight on the slopes

 5% DISCOUNT at Bellavista restaurant on lunches every day, at El Tobià restaurant and at the pastry shop Reinhard.

Storage at the top of the slopes and at the bottom
Leave your gear in a safe and convenient place.
  • Storage at the top of the slope in Vigo di Fassa is in Ciampiede, an 80m2 space just below Bellavista Restaurant ( 5% DISCOUNT on lunches every day)
  • Storage in Vigo di Fassa valley is a 200m2 space next to the hire centre (at the foot of the escalator leading to the cable car)
  • Storage in Pozza di Fassa is inside our hire centre, 40 spaces in a separate, specially-designed facility.

DISCOUNT 40%  on storage (for our hire customers only)

The facility in Vigo also has an ionization sanitizing system for total purification and drying of boots and gloves

They say about us...

We care about or customers and their feedbacks
Top ski-service for safe and easy skiing
A fully equipped laboratory for your equipment

We have our own machinery incorporating the latest technology to take care of your equipment; no need to go elsewhere.

  • Disinfection and drying of boots, gloves, helmets, etc.
  • Ionization purifying 99% effective.
  • ISO computerized binding adjustment
  • Ski grinding & tuning and boot-fitting
Accessories you’ll need for the snow
Not just skis and boots, we have everything you need

Accessories for any conditions:

  • Sunglasses
  • Gloves
  • Helmets
  • Body armour
  • Ski poles

We stock the best brands:

uvex reusch polinelli  gmsport-small  dainese leki

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Top brands

Sci Bomber

Rent your ski equipment online in Vigo and Pozza di Fassa
 40% DISCOUNT  on storage for all Sport Edy customers